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Install TriggerMesh Components on Kubernetes with YAML

This guide takes you through installing TriggerMesh on a Kubernetes cluster by using our provided YAML manifests. The manifests will install the required TriggerMesh custom resource definitions (CRDs) and controllers onto your cluster.


  • A Kubernetes cluster version v1.22+
  • Knative Serving v1.0.0+

Installing Knative Serving

TriggerMesh relies on Knative Serving to run some of its components as Knative Services. We plan to relax this dependency in the near future.

Please refer to the official Knative Serving installation instructions. Knative Eventing is not a prerequisite for TriggerMesh to run, but we do provide compatibility for Knative Eventing users.

Install the CRDs

All TriggerMesh APIs are implemented as Kubernetes CRDs, which we need to create before deploying the controller. The following kubectl apply command will create all of the CRDs.

kubectl apply -f
kubectl apply -f

Install the controllers

By default, the controllers are deployed in the triggermesh namespace. Deploy the controllers with the following kubectl apply command:

kubectl apply -f
kubectl apply -f

Verifying the installation

Upon successful creation of the CRDs and successful deployment of the controller you should see three pods running in the triggermesh namespace

$ kubectl get pods -n triggermesh
NAME                                                   READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
triggermesh-controller-5cd97f4c8f-z6r2r                1/1     Running   0          57m
triggermesh-webhook-79cd8d6f5d-gf2lj                   1/1     Running   0          57m
triggermesh-core-controller-64c588d74c-jpr42           1/1     Running   0          57m

All event sources and targets will be available to you as new API objects. For example, you can list all AWS related sources and targets with:

$ kubectl get crds |grep triggermesh |grep aws         2021-10-06T09:01:27Z             2021-10-06T09:01:27Z             2021-10-06T09:01:27Z        2021-10-06T09:01:27Z        2021-10-06T09:01:27Z             2021-10-06T09:01:28Z               2021-10-06T09:01:28Z               2021-10-06T09:01:28Z            2021-10-06T09:01:28Z                2021-10-06T09:01:28Z                2021-10-06T09:01:29Z                 2021-10-06T09:01:29Z    2021-10-06T09:01:29Z                     2021-10-06T09:01:29Z                     2021-10-06T09:01:29Z                    2021-10-06T09:01:30Z                    2021-10-06T09:01:30Z                    2021-10-06T09:01:30Z                    2021-10-06T09:01:30Z